Tuesday, 4 November 2008

How to Save Money

Given the current economic crisis that world leaders are facing due to years of neglect to the lending sector we are now faced with a situation where our reality is starting to look like the beginning of a global recession.

So, what can we do?

To make life easier, I'm going to do my bit by sharing the following links to ways that you can save money.

Ok, here we go...

How to Save Money

1. General Money Saving Tips for everyone.
2. Tips on how to Pay Off a Home Loan Faster
3. Money Saving Ideas - Your Finances, reduce your finances
4. Money Saving Ideas - Shopping, how to save money shopping
5. Money Saving Ideas - Life and Home, How to save money at home
6. Save money by saving water - water saving devices
7. Getting married? Money saving wedding tips.

Free Stuff

1. Free ringtones for your mobile.
2. Ever considered a free iPod?

..And if all that wasn't enough, then there's always free money to be had, if your know where to look.

There's lots of ways to save money.. what are some of YOUR ideas? :)

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