Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Sony to Bring Playstation 4 to Australia with Cam & Headset in the Box!

Sony have released some info on their all new Sony Playstation 4 video gaming and media console.

At their press event they revealed that the new PS4 will have amazing video streaming abilities as well as a totally new interface (gone is the xmb of old!) and a re-thinking of the dualshock controller.

The dualshock 4 now has a dedicated share button that among other things, will allow the sharing of video from the games you play to online services and more.

The new ps4 also comes with a more advanced cam (very similar to the ms kinect) which will allow much better camera interaction with your playstation as they improve the technical abilities quite dramatically. have all the details of the PS4 as well as an up-to-date list of where to get the cheapest PS4 in Australia (including online and offline stores!).

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Pet Friendly Caravan Parks in Adelaide Area / South Australia

If your looking for pet friendly caravan parks and tourists parks that are close to adelaide or outside suburban adelaide then look no further than

They have a series of pet friendly caravan parks in South Australia with the first being for pet friendly caravan parks in Adelaide environs and Fleurieu Peninsula areas of South Australia.

Pet Friendly caravan parks in South Australia

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

There is now a great South Australian Portal on the Internet!

In late April 2013 StartSA opened their South Australian portal website to the public in an open beta stage.

StartSA is all about South Australia.

The new South Australian portal has:

  • South Australian News
  • South Australian Weather
  • South Australian Calendar of Events
  • South Australian Articles in many Categories
  • South Australian Bargains and Sales
  • South Australian Useful Links Directory
It also has links to all of its social media connections and includes facebook comments, so anyone with a facebook account can jump right in!

StartSA will appeal to all South Australians on the Internet looking for SA relevant information, links and updates.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Fancy Things in Australia

fancy things
Fancy Things in Australia

A new site that looks at the fancier things in life.

Fancy things for your wedding, fancy things for your home, wonderful gadgets and items for your car.

We take a look at the wonderful, the exotic, the luxury and the expensive!

We all like a bit of the fancy every now and then and this site highlights a few of them for you :)

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The new Australian show stars Australia's own Tim Minchin as 'Judas Iscariot', former Spice Girl Melanie C as 'Mary Magdalene' and the critically acclaimed new-comer Ben Forster in the role of 'Jesus'. 

Australian additions to the tour will see 
Jon Stevens returning to Jesus Christ Superstar in the role of 'Pontius Pilate' (Stevens played Judas in the 1992 Australian arena tour and the 1994 theatre production) and Andrew O'Keefe in the role of 'King Herod'.


New iPad Mini in Australia

Ipad mini in Australia
Many owners of Apple's past products are now looking towards the Apple iPad Mini, to make their tablet surfing and entertainment easier as it comes in a smaller package.

The new Apple iPad Mini is now available in Australia.

It's been around long enough to locate some good bargains and savings at iPad sales!

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