Monday, 2 July 2007

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Monday, 5 March 2007

Could Digg be the Next Google?

I was just thinking today that with all the social power that has that perhaps it could be the answer to the problems I see with Google (and others) as a search engine.

Google seems to be getting bloated with resource listings in its index, that is, it's getting really big amounts of data that it seems to have nowhere near enough capacity to crawl on a timely basis. If it did there wouldn't be the need, nor popularity, of some of the services that operate around it (tagging, digging, moderating sites).

For some time now Google has not been able to index new sites on any sort of regulalar basis and has been wide open for being spammed by focussing on page popularity (PR / Page Ranking) where each link is a vote cast on a particular page/site based on those linking to it. It seems that many not-so-great (for lack of a better term) sites get listed quite easily and quickly because they abuse the PR system by having a number of (their own or friends) NSG sites pointing to the new site and each other. The other alternative for these sites is paying higher PR sites or directories to link to them. I see this a big problem too, where they are getting (indexed and) ranked (on Google) on a paid-for criteria and not on their real content, value or relativety to anything.

The next problem is Wikipedia... Here I see the problem is that there are far too few in control which means that agendas and always what they should be. I put this down to human error / human nature. Whatever you call it, it's a problem and is making Wikipedia slide in my eyes.

The next problem is OPD... The Open Directory has been falling down for a long time. a) It takes way too long for the volunteers to get anything done (months or more!), and b) the volunteers fall into the same category as the Wikipedia ones, they become biased and begin to drive their own agendas, at least this is how I see it.

Now, getting back to Digg.

Digg has a fantastic social membership, where the members submit the news, vote and comment on it. If a story ranks well it gets onto the 'front page'. It's a great system and it work really well. So well that others, including Microsoft, Dell, Yahoo and many other players are emulating the same style of system.

It seems to me this is exactly how the NEW search engine / directory system should work.

I would love to see a SE / DIR where users submit their sites (and pages) and then users vote and comment on them. Much the same way that Digg works, generally users who are only interested in particular categories would vote and comment on what they are interested and would discover new websites in fields that they are interested in along the way.

This puts the selection of who is best and most relevent in the hands of the masses and not the very few (who can be corrupted).

The best sites would filter to the top throught the voting system and this would be reflected in search results and directory listings.

Sites could be tagged with various ratings giving searchers a better idea of what they have listed before clicking through. (ie. ratings such as R, PG, G etc as well as more typcal score/popularity ratings).

If Digg wont build it.. who will? I'm sure someone will.

Could Digg be the next Google?

Sunday, 4 March 2007

Carly Ryan Murder Pair Charged

It seem those involved in the murder of Adelaide teenager Carly Ryan may be in police custody. In Victoria a 48yo Melbourne man and a person believed to be his son were arrested and charged with murder. Finally Carly Ryan's family might see some justice and some answers as to why this Adelaide teenager was killed.

POLICE last night arrested and charged a 48-year-old Melbourne man and a youth, 17 - thought to be his son - with the murder of Adelaide teenager Carly Ryan.

The dramatic development came after extensive surveillance of the pair after they were identified as suspects a week ago.

Information provided by the public proved crucial in identifying the pair, who travelled to Adelaide shortly before 15-year-old Carly was murdered at Port Elliot on the night of February 19.

Last Tuesday the Sunday Mail learned the focus of the investigation had shifted to Melbourne when two Major Crime Investigation Section detectives travelled there.

It intensified early yesterday when additional Major Crime detectives flew to the Victorian capital as the inquiry entered its final stages.

The investigation culminated when the pair were arrested at their Rosebud West home, on the Mornington Peninsula, at 6pm (SA time).

The 48-year-old is set to appear in the Melbourne Magistrates Court tomorrow morning for an extradition hearing. The 17-year-old will appear in the Melbourne Children's Court for a similar hearing.

They are expected to be remanded in the custody of Major Crime detectives and arrive in Adelaide late tomorrow or early Tuesday. ~ by Nigel Hunt and Kate Kyriacou @

Friday, 2 March 2007

McLeod's Daughters Wants $500,000.00 from SA Gov

It seem that those responsible for production of Mcleod's Daughters are after HALF A MILLION DOLLARS to continue production of the show in South Australia.

Recently the SAFC approved a $200,000.00 grant to McLeod's Daughters (production) for the next two years. Now the team are holding their hand out for a further $300,000.00 of state money.

The team are so confident (not) of the show continuing that they even said that the HALF A MILLION DOLLARS would be returned if the show was AXED, which seems highly possible if the show is on financial shaky ground.

The show has seriously thought about building sets in Sydney and just shooting outdoors with a second unit in SA.

The current estimated cost of producing another season of McLeod's Daughters was estimated at AUD$19 MILLION and with the NINE network seemingly in a continual state of re-organisation it seems more likely that the show will be shut down as opposed to going interstate.

Producers claim that since the show began they have spent about AUD$72 MILLION in South Australia.

HIGH-RATING TV drama series McLeod's Daughters - filmed north of Adelaide - wants a minimum $500,000 State Government handout to remain in South Australia.

The show's producers and the SA Film Corporation yesterday warned the future of McLeod's Daughters was in doubt, with the possibility it might be axed or its production moved interstate.

An internal SA Film Corporation document obtained by The Advertiser reveals the makers of McLeod's Daughters last month made an urgent appeal for State Government funding in a bid to convince the Nine Network to commit for another season of the show.

In the February 8 production investment application to the SAFC Board, the show's creator, Posie Graeme-Evans, stated: "In light of major restructuring and cost-cutting that is taking place within the Nine Network, the production company, Millennium Television, is seeking support from the SAFC to secure a commitment from Nine for the eighth series." ~ by Michael Owen at the Advertiser

V8 Supercars Battle it Out in Adelaide Clipsal 500

Craig Lowndes and defending V8 Supercars champ, Rick Kelly are set to do battle for line honours at the Adelaide Clipsal 500 today in qualifying sessions. The Adelaide Clispal 500 takes place this weekend in Adelaide and is one of the major highlights of the V8 Supercar calendar. Today also sees the debut of the new Holden VE Commodore in V8 Supercar racing at Adelaide.

Defending V8 Supercars champion Rick Kelly will look to gain the advantage over rival Craig Lowndes in today's Adelaide street circuit qualifying sessions.

More than 30 cars and drivers will be involved, with the main races set to take place tomorrow and Sunday, and event spokesman Mike Drewer said the Lowndes-Kelly rivalry was still on from last season.

"They've got qualifying at a little after two o'clock, and it'll be really on in terms of those qualifying sessions particularly between reigning champion Rick Kelly, and of course his arch rival Craig Lowndes,"

"[They are] looking forward to a very, very big day at the circuit." ~ ABC SA News

Adelaide Crows to Play Eagles in Alice Springs

The AFL have decide that the Adelaide Crows will now play the West Coast Eagles in Alice Springs next Friday night in a practice match. This follows the Crows pratice match against Melbourne at Mount Gambier tomorrow.

The AFL has announced the Adelaide Crows will play the West Coast Eagles in a practice match in Alice Springs next Friday night.

The Crows will be in Mount Gambier tomorrow to play against Melbourne.

Meanwhile, if Port Adelaide wins its preseason cup quarter-final against Geelong in Darwin tomorrow night, they will host a semi-final next Friday night. ~ABC SA News

David Hicks Murder Charge Dropped

After years of waiting it seems that Guantanamo detainee, David Hicks has had his murder charged officially dropped, however he is still to be charged with terrorism offences. david Hicks is to face a preliminary arraignment hearing withink 30 days, with a trial expected in July 2007.

What do you think will be the outcome? WIll David Hicks be charged with committing terrorism offences? Do you think that David Hicks will EVER return home to Adelaide, Australia?

MURDER charges against Adelaide-born David Hicks have been dropped after he this morning became the first Guantanamo Bay detainee to be officially charged with terrorism offences.

Hicks, who has spent the past five years in captivity at the US military facility in Cuba, has been formally charged by the Pentagon with providing material support for terrorism, under its new military commission rules.

He now faces a preliminary arraignment hearing within 30 days. A full trial is expected to take place by July. ~Reported by STEFANIE BALOGH, NEW YORK on AdelaideNow

Tuesday, 13 February 2007

One of South Australia's richest and most prestigious sporting events swings into action from 15 to 18 February 2007 at the Kooyonga Golf Club.



  • DATE: 15 - 18 FEBRUARY 2007











  • South Australia Museum - The Da Vinci Machines

    The Inventions and Designs of a Genius

    Drawings left behind by Renaissance genius Leonardo da Vinci nearly 500 years ago have been transformed into a stunning exhibition of models that will be displayed at the South Australian Museum this summer.

    The Da Vinci Machines, an exhibition developed by Italian artisans Teknoart, gives insight into the mind of Leonardo da Vinci. Leonardo was a polymath, architect, anatomist, sculptor, engineer, inventor, mathematician, musician and painter. He is widely considered to be one of the greatest painters of all time and a universal genius.Leonardo conceived ideas way ahead of his own time, such as the concept of the helicopter and the tank: both featured in the exhibition.

    Relatively few of Leonardo’s designs were feasible during his lifetime as metallurgy and engineering were in their infancy during the Renaissance, so many remained as drawings and concepts.

    Divided into the themes of flight, war, hydraulics and mechanics, the exhibition takes visitors through 40 different designs, many of them bearing striking resemblance to machines in use today.

    In the ETSA Utilities Gallery 16 December 2006 to 12 March 2007
    Cost: Adults $12, Children $7, Concession $8, Family $28
    For information about the exhibtion including advance ticket sales call 8207 7377 or 8207 7575 during office hours.
    Advance tickets can also be purchased from the Museum Shop which is open
    seven days a week 10am to 4.45pm on 8207 7370.
    For information about bringing a school group to the exhibtion call 8207 7429 during office hours.

    Humphrey B Bear's future on Another Network?

    CHILDREN'S television favourite Humphrey B Bear's future is uncertain, with the Nine Network yet to commission a new series of the beloved bear's program despite a looming deadline.

    Humphrey has been a fixture on Australian television since 1965, is yet to set a deal with Adelaide-based Banksia Productions to commission a new series of Here's Humphrey, Fairfax newspapers reported today.
    Here's Humphrey is not currently airing, but the Nine Network has only weeks left of daily repeats if it does not do a deal with Banksia.

    This has left the door open for the rival Seven and Ten networks to step in and give the bear a new home.

    When questioned on the future of the honey-loving bear at Nine, network chief executive Eddie McGuire said: “We are in a production break at the moment and we'll discuss Humphrey in due course”.

    Nine has signed a two-year deal with the makers of rival program Hi-5 and has ceased promoting Humphrey as one of its programs on its website.

    Banksia spokesman Stewart Lamb refused to comment on speculation that rival commercial networks were set to headhunt Humphrey, but said keeping Humphrey on Australian TV was important.

    “He's been on Australian TV for 42 years and we don't want that to end,” he said.

    Humphrey is a big overseas seller. Banksia flies in Mandarin and Spanish-speaking presenters to serve its large Chinese, Spanish and South American markets.

    David Hicks will be "at the head of the list" to be tried by US military

    TERROR suspect David Hicks will be "at the head of the list" of enemy combatants to be tried by the US military at Guantanamo Bay and the Australian will not return home until he is sentenced.

    In the face of mounting community disquiet over Hicks's treatmenst five years after his arrest in Afghanistan, Foreign Minister Alexander Downer indicated the Federal Government would wait until the Adelaide man's military trial was completed at the Cuban prison before seeking his return to Australia.

    Speaking after a meeting with US Defence Secretary Robert Gates, Mr Downer said the Bush administration had repeated undertakings that Hicks would not face the death penalty, that he would be represented by an accredited Australian lawyer and that he would serve his sentence in Australia.

    Hicks's lawyers are lobbying for him to be returned home, saying after a recent visit their client had the look of a "condemned man".

    See the full story as reported by Richard Sproull,23599,21215720-2,00.html