Friday, 2 March 2007

McLeod's Daughters Wants $500,000.00 from SA Gov

It seem that those responsible for production of Mcleod's Daughters are after HALF A MILLION DOLLARS to continue production of the show in South Australia.

Recently the SAFC approved a $200,000.00 grant to McLeod's Daughters (production) for the next two years. Now the team are holding their hand out for a further $300,000.00 of state money.

The team are so confident (not) of the show continuing that they even said that the HALF A MILLION DOLLARS would be returned if the show was AXED, which seems highly possible if the show is on financial shaky ground.

The show has seriously thought about building sets in Sydney and just shooting outdoors with a second unit in SA.

The current estimated cost of producing another season of McLeod's Daughters was estimated at AUD$19 MILLION and with the NINE network seemingly in a continual state of re-organisation it seems more likely that the show will be shut down as opposed to going interstate.

Producers claim that since the show began they have spent about AUD$72 MILLION in South Australia.

HIGH-RATING TV drama series McLeod's Daughters - filmed north of Adelaide - wants a minimum $500,000 State Government handout to remain in South Australia.

The show's producers and the SA Film Corporation yesterday warned the future of McLeod's Daughters was in doubt, with the possibility it might be axed or its production moved interstate.

An internal SA Film Corporation document obtained by The Advertiser reveals the makers of McLeod's Daughters last month made an urgent appeal for State Government funding in a bid to convince the Nine Network to commit for another season of the show.

In the February 8 production investment application to the SAFC Board, the show's creator, Posie Graeme-Evans, stated: "In light of major restructuring and cost-cutting that is taking place within the Nine Network, the production company, Millennium Television, is seeking support from the SAFC to secure a commitment from Nine for the eighth series." ~ by Michael Owen at the Advertiser

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