Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Cheap Nintendo Wii

The biggest selling Christmas gift idea this year is the Nintendo Wii package !

The Wii is the amazing gaming system that gets your kids off the couch and truly interacting with their gaming system and moving around!

If your looking for the cheapest nintendo wii in Australia then check out the link below:

Cheap Nintendo Wii

Good luck with your Christmas gift shopping this year! :)

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Designer Wear

For those with a high sense of fashion, there will always be the desire to set yourself apart from the rest.

This summer you can find a great guide to designer shoes and designer handbags to make sure you're set for summer!

Specially crafted for the Australian Summer.

Don't be the last to know.

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Rainwater Tanks

With all the rain and showers that have been around recently it seems that people are once again thinking about rain water tanks to harvest some of that free water for the long hot summer.

With drought like water conservation levels it pays to save all the rain water we can.

There are quite a number of different styles and sizes of rain water tanks that you can buy. There are models designed to fit under your house (slimline tanks) as well as small rain water tanks to collect water in tight places. You can also get bladder style rain water storage that can fit in almost any location due to its flexibility.

Here's to collecting as much rain water with rain water tanks as we can this year! :)

Aprons - cooking apron, kitchen aprons, work aprons

Apparently aprons are really popular this time of year.

Aprons come in all shapes and sizes, for all different purposes, from home to work and everything in between.

From funny aprons to Christmas aprons, maid aprons and cooking aprons, check out aprons for a great guide to these interesting items!

Astrology with an Astrologer

If your interested in getting an interpretation from an astrologer then you should take a look at the astrology page on Barinya.

They look at what you should consider if you are looking for astrology services and how to approach it.

It provides an interesting introductory guide to astrology for anyone.

Aged Care Facilities Australia

Here is a recent article on aged care facilities in Australia.

It looks at the aged care act as well as some considerations in putting your parent/s into aged care or a home for the elderly.

If your currently looking at aged care facilities then you might want to check it our for some options.

Friday, 7 November 2008

Concert Tickets Australia

What a great time...

There are some great musical talents coming our way this year, and into next year...

Pink (P!nk), Billy Joel, Chris Brown, Rihanna, Gabriella Cilmi, Kanye West, Snoop Dogg, Crowded House, Fall out Boy and so much more..

Make sure you get your concert tickets early!! Australia..

Thursday, 6 November 2008

The biggest selling items this Christmas

What are the biggest selling items this Christmas?

From the data that I have gathered from web... the following...

The biggest selling Christmas gifts this year, in Australia are:

Sony Playstation 3

Nintendo Wii

MP4 Players


These are the hottest selling items this Christmas for Christmas gifts in Australia

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

How to Save Money

Given the current economic crisis that world leaders are facing due to years of neglect to the lending sector we are now faced with a situation where our reality is starting to look like the beginning of a global recession.

So, what can we do?

To make life easier, I'm going to do my bit by sharing the following links to ways that you can save money.

Ok, here we go...

How to Save Money

1. General Money Saving Tips for everyone.
2. Tips on how to Pay Off a Home Loan Faster
3. Money Saving Ideas - Your Finances, reduce your finances
4. Money Saving Ideas - Shopping, how to save money shopping
5. Money Saving Ideas - Life and Home, How to save money at home
6. Save money by saving water - water saving devices
7. Getting married? Money saving wedding tips.

Free Stuff

1. Free ringtones for your mobile.
2. Ever considered a free iPod?

..And if all that wasn't enough, then there's always free money to be had, if your know where to look.

There's lots of ways to save money.. what are some of YOUR ideas? :)

Monday, 3 November 2008

What to consider when having a baby!

There are quite a number of things that you may need to consider when having a baby, particularly if it's your first pregnancy and your first baby.

While I cant cover every consideration in having a baby, here are a few that may be of interest to a new mother;

Baby Names - Start thinking as soon as possible about possible baby names for your newborn (boys names and girls names if you dont already know which it is :)

Morning Sickness - You may (or may not) get morning sickness, look into ways to help with morning sickness.

Maternity Attire - You will need maternity wear as your pregnancy progresses, you may also want to look into baby slings (baby wearing) while your at these shops as they are very popular with new mums.

Baby Equipment - Some new equipment you may need include a baby pram, baby cot and a high chair.

Nappies - You may require the assistance of a nappy service to deal with the growing pile of nappies that you are going to see :)

Mothers Milk - If you have trouble breast feeding your newborn or you need to provide milk for your baby when you might be away from it for any period of time then breast pumps are the answer to this problem.

I hope this list gives you something to think about as you bring your bundle of joy into the world! :)

Good luck! :)

Cat Carrier - Dog Carrier - Move your Pet in Style!

If you need to move your pet around on any sort of regular basis then you might be in the market for a pet carrier.

Cat carriers are ideal for moving your cat from one location to another, safely and securely. They can be in the form of carrier bags or cages or plastic crate carriers.

Dog carriers are for moving dogs and are more sturdier and larger than cat carriers. Dog crates are often metal for strength in holding your pet as well as handling the weight, particularly or larger dogs.

Pet crates or pet carriers are also used for other pets, including rabbits.

There are a LOT of varierty of pet carriers, from variety of shapes and styles to what they are constructed of. Of course, price varies accordingly :)

Record my Wedding in High Definition DVD?

Your wedding day. It's one of the most significant times of your life that you share with the one you love and your close family and friends.

The tragedy is, that over time, your memories will diminish of that day and that is why most people will make sure that their wedding is captured on video.

At least that is how it USED to be. The downside now, is that having your wedding on video (cassette) means that you are actually recording your wedding memories on a lower quality format than you could be.

This is where recording your wedding day in high definition dvd is the answer. By recording your wedding in HD you can produce duplicates for you friends and family in either normal DVD format OR in FULL HD format (such as blu-ray) for those that can view that format. This way, no matter what format you want to produce copies of your wedding dvd in, you will ultimately have a high definition digital master of your wedding for many many years to come with no degridation in quality ever!

Your wedding dvd will be recorded by a professional wedding videographer. You can hire these professionals pretty much anywhere, particularly in capital cities in your region.

This is by far the best way to preserve your wedding day!

Termite Removal South Australia

One of the worst things you can discover in your home is the infestation of the dreaded termites!

Even if you haven't discovered white ants in your home you should consider regular (yearly?) termite inspections of your home and or business.

This simply involves a professional in pest control inspecting your property for sign of termite activity in timber, carpet, cardboard and looking for tell tale signs of activity including moisture build up in walls and change of level in flooring.

If you do discover termites on your property then you should NOT attempt to move or disrupt them on your own! This should only be done by a professional as you may may the situation worse and send them into hiding (spreading the infestation!). Also termite treatment usually involves poisons to completely irradicate the pests.